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Little is known of Uwe Strauss’ rise. He was an only child of an aristocratic family, inheriting the title of Baron although he chooses not to use it. His father worked for the ministry of the interior and his mother died of complications related to childbirth, but the details of his early life and education are somewhat a mystery. His family owned a large estate although neither Strauss nor his father used the castle. Upon his father’s death when Strauss was in his 30’s, he returned to the family castle and became a bit of a recluse. It’s unclear when his involvement with government occult experimentation began or when he achieved the rank of Major, but Strauss ultimately headed numerous projects throughout Germany and later set up new operations within Nazi occupied territories in an apparent attempt to distance himself from government oversight. He was eventually ordered to cease his experimentations when Nazi officials became alarmed at his progress and success in contacting creatures from other spiritual planes. His plans to bring forth an army of demonic creatures to assist the war effort were rejected as well, for fear that such an army would be impossible to control. Strauss and those loyal to him have defied these orders.