Mad Devils New Edition coming to game consoles

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Get ready to raise hell as Itzy Interactive Inc. unleashes Mad Devils: Damned-finitive Edition, the ultimate demon-fueled WWII shooter, on August 13, 2024. Available on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, this enhanced edition takes the co-op arcade experience to the next level.

Two New Heroes Join the Fight:

The roster of playable demon soldiers expands from six to eight, each with unique abilities and weapons, ready to unleash hell on the battlefield.

Damned-finitive Enhancements:

Improved Post-Game: Continue the fight after completing the campaign, replay levels with any character, and unlock new challenges.

Enhanced Arsenal: Elemental weapon upgrades have been boosted, unleashing devastating new effects and strategies against the demonic hordes. Fire, ice, and lightning will bend to your will as you obliterate your foes in spectacular fashion.

Streamlined UI: Refined menu navigation and clearer information for a more intuitive interface.

Countless Fixes and Improvements: Numerous bug fixes, performance enhancements, and quality-of-life updates ensure the smoothest and most enjoyable Mad Devils experience yet.

Steam Deck Support: Take the demonic action on the go with upcoming Steam Deck support.

Prepare for the Damned-finitive demon-hunting experience as Mad Devils: Damned-finitive Edition arrives on August 13th. Hell hath no fury like a squad of resurrected soldiers with a score to settle!

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