About Mad Devils

Mad Devils is ready to set itself apart from any other game we’ve seen from the action/shooter genre and from anything currently available on the PlayStation4 and PC. From the technical advances made possible by the powerful new features in Unity, to cutting edge physics and effects, Mad Devils is set to evolve the isometric action/shooter genre. Mad Devils capitalizes on what makes the genre popular and listens to what fans of the genre have been asking for. Mad Devils is currently in production.

About Us

Itzy Interactive Inc. is an independent game developer formed in the spring of 2011 that uses the Unity3d engine to bring our creations to life. As self-funded indie developers, we have released three mobile games to Android and iOS and are now hard at work on our most ambitious project to date, Mad Devils. Our award winning titles have been downloaded on nearly half a million mobile devices. Now we’ve joined forces with industry veterans and console developers alike to build a larger, experienced team to facilitate our shift from mobile platforms to game consoles to tell even bigger stories in larger, more interactive worlds.

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