Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What platforms will Mad Devils be on?
Mad Devils is targeted for release on the PS4, Xbox One as well as for the PC.

When will it be released?
We are currently targeting a fall 2018 release for the PS4. We may look at bringing the game to Steam’s Early Access on the PC.

What is Steam Early Access?
Early Access is a way for customers to be able to purchase Mad Devils while it is in development, and play it at a Beta stage for PC. By purchasing Early Access you are gaining access to a playable work-in-progress, as well as the full and final game on release. The funds we receive will help us continue creating a high quality, PC title. Steam Early Access users will also be able to assist us by reporting bugs while providing feedback.

What are the PC system requirements?
Too early to tell.

Do I need a controller to play?
No. Mouse/keyboard support will be in the game though we do recommend a Microsoft or PS4 controller (or equivalent).

Will Mad Devils be available on Mac or Linux?
At the moment we are concentrating 100% on the PC/XboxOne/PS4 versions of the game, though future support is a possibility.

Can I post information about the game publicly (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, etc.)?
Yes, unless specified otherwise. In fact, help us get the word out about Mad Devils!

Is there a multiplayer mode?
Yes! Mad Devils is a “couch co-op” multiplayer experience throughout it’s main campaign with drop in/drop out support for two players. Other multiplayer modes will be available to replay completed levels as well as trying our challenge modes to climb the leaderboards.

Are there achievements?
Yes. We are planning a list of achievements.

Will you be releasing new content like maps and characters?
At our current phase of development, six playable characters are planned. There is a possibility for new characters and extra levels to be added on at a later date.
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